#TheBigRose Project – The Mackintosh Festival

If you’re in the Glasgow area over the next month, you can find me at some of #thebigrose project events.

So what is the Big Rose Project?

The project uses stylised roses designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his wife, Margaret, which were originally used in one of Miss Cranston’s tea rooms in Glasgow. Now the stencils (created by Elisabeth Viguie-Culshaw from the Lansdowne House of Stencils) are being used to allow the public to explore the medium of stenciling and create beautiful art with others. The stencils will create carpets of Mackintosh roses at events across the Glasgow area until the 29th October.

Elisbeth stenciling on the carpet of rose at Hill House, Helensburgh

I first volunteered on the 2nd at Hill House in Helensburgh. The Hill House is an iconic Mackintosh design which was created for publisher William Blackie in 1902. Having never been before, I must say it’s a must-see.

The project is small in scale but big in it’s purpose. Elisabeth from the Lansdowne House of Stencils is driving the event and directing it with the help of 6 volunteers including myself. The atmosphere when I volunteered was great – I was with like-minded individuals with different skills and interested than my own. In the art world, it’s important to find others who understand your passion but also bring something completely different to the table.

Stenciling is a great activity for everyone. Even those who consider themselves without much artistic skill can get stuck in. One of the things I loved about the day at Hill House was that despite the small amount of the people, the interactions with participants were interesting and enthusiastic. We may not have had a large number of visitors but the ones we did have were overjoyed at participating. One participant were previously an artist and had not picked up a paintbrush for 15 years, that is until she stenciled a rose on the rose carpet at Hill House.

The interactions we had were about building a connection rather than a superficial activity.

If you are interested in coming along to see me and the other volunteers at the events going on for the rest of the month, you can find us at the following locations on the following dates:

  • Saturday 15th Oct – The Lighthouse.  11am to 4.30pm.
  • Monday 17th Oct – The House for an Art Lover. 10am to  5pm.
  • Saturday 29th Oct – Glasgow Mackintosh Unit, first floor, St Enochs Centre. 11am to 3pm. (For Children aged 8+)

Thanks for reading! x


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